Yoga Society of San Francisco was incorporated in 1972 by Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati with the intention:

  • To promote self-analysis
  • To analyze and discover principals of good health, as well as mental and spiritual happiness
  • To foster and promote the education of people to experience the unity of all mankind
  • To discover the causes of disunity and disharmony between person and persons, nation and nations
  • To promote, encourage and establish unity and harmony

We provide an environment that develops, fosters and promotes the experience of Oneness through various physical, intellectual and spiritual practices.

We offer regular Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Sanskrit, and Yoga Philosophy classes, as well as workshops and retreats on breathing, movement, detoxification and stress-reduction. We also have a residential program for intensive study and immersion. All group meditations, including twice-daily Vedic Fire ceremonies, are free of charge.  

Photos of Brahmananda Ashram Premises


Interior Photos of Brahmananda Ashram