Lord Ganesh riding a mouse

Who Will Get the First Prize?

Once upon a time, Lord Shiva with his two sons, Shrī Kārtikeya and Shrī Gaṇesha, visited Lord Viṣhṇu in high heaven. In honor of Lord Shiva’s arrival, the whole heaven was decorated with celestial flowers of every fragrance, hue, and color. The capital, the metropolitan city of the immortal devas (gods and goddesses), was vibrating with the news of Lord Shiva’s arrival with his two sons. All the heavenly gods and goddesses were exceedingly happy. Lord Shiva, after all is not an ordinary guest, and he was coming especially to represent Mother Earth. A great conference was organized under the auspices of Lord Viṣhṇu, and all the devas prepared a heavenly Nobel Prize to be awarded to one of the sons of Lord Shiva. The condition was that the heavenly Nobel Prize would be presented to the one who could complete seven rounds of the entire universe, could find the beginning and the end of the whole universe and be the first one to arrive […]

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What is Yoga?

One who uses the body and mind properly in time and space, with proper motive for the common welfare of humankind, is the yogi and practicing yoga, weather he or she knows it or not. There is no choice between using and not using the mind. There is only the choice between proper and improper use, between unselfish and selfish purpose. One who uses the mind to unite humanity’s heart, not only to create unity between East and West, but to experience that unity with all existence — he or she is the yogi. Yoga is the holistic way of life, where union and harmony of the body, the mind, and the soul or consciousness, “I-am,” are fundamental. Accordingly, yoga has many branches, including physical, mental and spiritual forms and disciplines. In fact, each of life’s activities is yoga when performed in a natural, harmonious way, attentively, to balance and unite the body, mind and spirit. What is the difference between […]

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