Hamsa Integral Breathwork Training and Advanced study

December 8, 2018 @ 1:00 pm – December 9, 2018 @ 6:00 pm

Hamsa Integral Breathwork Training and Advanced study

Breathwork training 2018 - 2019

Creating Opening and Space for more Energy and flow as Creative movements of High    Vibrations!


Starts :- Dec. 8th, Ends: March 10th


Meeting dates

Saturday, Dec 8th, 1pm-6pm

Sunday, Dec 9th, 1pm-6pm

Saturday, Dec 22nd , 1pm-6pm

Sunday, Dec 23rd , 1pm-4pm (Optional)

Saturday, Jan 5th, 1pm-6pm

Saturday, Jan, 12th, 1pm-6pm

Sunday, March, 10th, 2 pm-7pm (Optional-Review)




Fee: $ 500 ( Includes One, one to one  Rebirthing Breathwork session, if you are taking only Level 2)


    • Payment plans and need-based scholarships may be arranged. (money need not be an obstacle to participate.  Please talk to Briksha with any concerns)


Eligibility – Who can apply:

  • Those who have completed Hamsa Integral Breathwork Training Level 1,
  • Have completed  21 days/28 days Breathing process, 50 hrs. of breathwork study
  • Have been attending Briksha’s  classes/workshops for more than 6 months and/or have experienced of breathwork with other modalities
  • Have taken 5-10 private breathwork sessions with Briksha or with any practitioners
  • Have Done 100 hrs. Yoga Therapy or  200 hrs. Yoga Teacher training


However, If you are excited about this training but don’t fit the above criteria, please email Briksha  brikshalal@yahoo.com and have a conversation



Sample Topics:

  • Review of level 1, Foundational breathing practices, Key points of Presence Process, what next?
  • Understanding Yoga of shakti-Path of breath, Breath as healing  and creative energy, Raising vibration/Frequency
  • Breathwork is  Energy-work, Energy medicine: Why we feel low energy, how to build up Energy. The Patterns of Breathwork , Grounding and awareness ,Protection, Purification, 3 poisons, identity with container
  • Intro to Rebirthing breathwork, Pillars to Rebirthing (Manual for Rebirthers ), Spiritual Psychology, Life coaching/ Perspectives to carry
  • The Elements of Breathwork , Integration- The Key to Happiness and Creative   Power
  • Breath-The stress buster
  • Working with core beliefs/Affirmations, Inner child, Needs/Wants/Requirements/Preference and No Preference
  • Brain Development and Psychological problems
  • Communication, Listening, Creating coherence field in all aspect of beings
  • Anatomy of breathing; 3 Diaphragm, opening body for Optimum breathing
  • Slowing down-Integrating overstimulated nervous system, Deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra)
  • Belonging/ Autonomy, Creating more space, Integrating relational space , Handling difficult emotions, Trauma Release formal and Informal
  • Gift of presence and touch, touching with breath. Touch as forgiveness, love and accepting.
  • Chakra map: Understanding Evolution,  Breathing through chakras
  • Hamsa: Creating Integral Human
  • Level of consciousness, Shiva-Shakti-jiva (the eternal, the dynamic Universal and creative Individual) model



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