Pranashakthi Earth Consciousness Seed Healing/Fire Ceremony

June 30, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
$20 at the door


This sacred event will take place in the Cosmic Temple beginning with a Fire Ceremony.

Each being is born with a Consciousness Seed, a pure element of our soul which gets distorted over time by our environment, by choices, and outer influences. The Earth also has a Consciousness Seed. Carol facilitates a specific Pranashakthi healing through collective chanting of sacred Sanskrit mantras first to the Consciousness Seed of each person and then to the Earth specifically for this purpose. The Consciousness of each participant is raised and revitalized with deep healing!

This healing is very powerful in large groups. The Earth is so loving and the ancient lineage of Pranashakthi also holds a power to assist humanity to remove suffering. Darshan from Earth gives to each soul a very beautiful blast of loving energy that is much needed at this time. The Earth sends deep and unconditional love back which raises the vibration of each person and modulates people’s energy in a unconditionally powerful way. Paired with the Pranashakthi healing element, this process is destined to bring in very deep healing energies. The event will be a sacred blessing!

Carol Whitney is a master Pranashakthi healer. She will be offering a sacred fire ceremony followed by a Pranashakthi Earth Seed Healing that will benefit each person’s energy body as well as that of the Planet.

$20 at the door

Photo Credit Andrii Skaliuk


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