Sexual Alchemy Healing Arts : Turn Trauma into Power

October 20, 2018 @ 11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Yoga Society of San Francisco
2872 Folsom St
San Francisco, CA 94110
Franceasca Seiden
Sexual Alchemy Healing Arts : Turn Trauma into Power @ Yoga Society of San Francisco | San Francisco | California | United States
SAHA Sexual Alchemy Healing Arts & The Urban Priestess have teamed up for another empowering workshop. Turn Trauma into Power by transmuting displaced sexual energy inward to create and manifest our creativity and purpose in life.
The workshops incorporate esoteric meditation, visualization, magick, breathwork,  and sound healing (soundbath) with CRYSTAL SINGING BOWLS.
SAHA encourages empowering rituals to improve in our in our daily lives. We encourage open and healthy, non-judgmental conversations relevant to the human condition, sexuality and relationships.
SAHA to help, heal, teach, guide others who suffer from Trauma, PTSD, Toxic Shame, Domestic Abuse, Domestic Violence and their loved ones that have been affected.
Letting go of antiquated behavioral patterns/ pre-conditioned beliefs that lay deep in our ANCESTRAL KARMIC DNA.
11am – 3pm
Yoga Society of San Francisco
$120 (please ask about financial support if you need it)
We are all ALCHEMISTS. Learning to focus our Sexual Energy in creative ways restores EMPOWERMENT. Sexual Energy, Life Force, Chi, or Prana – when harnessed correctly – has the highest vibrational frequency. When our energy is scattered it tends to create a chaotic mind, (the monkey mind) and affects our environment resulting to confusion and conflicts. Retraining our minds rerouting our thought process, we begin to make better and more aligned choices to our higher self. Restoring the energy flow (chi) faster. In order for this to happen we go inward, break down the elements that created certain repetitive scenarios, then take the components that are beneficial, throw away outdated beliefs that we have outgrown and align to our highest self thus fulfilling our destiny.
SEXUAL ENERGY IS CREATIVE ENERGY. When we are fully connected to ourselves we can become messengers of peace, and return to center.
Womb Breathing
Healing & Esoteric Arts | Mindful Meditations, Breathwork, Automatic Writing/Affirmations
How we can incorporate Rituals and Ceremonies into every day life?
Sex Magick & How Is It Used? (Meditation/Visualization)
CandleMagick | Visualization Techniques.
Create sigils ( a drawing or representation ) for you specific goals
SOUND HEALING : Vibrational sound Removing and Releasing Blockages within the body, chakras, mind. The Body & Emotional Responses through the Vibrational Note relating to a specific Chakra. The Chakra Bowls offer Healing throughout the Body and Energy Fields by infusing their Healing Properties.
Healthy discussion around sexual creative energy
Rebirthing Breathwork
Esoteric methodologies : Candle Magick – used for meditation and visualization. Sex Magick : how the ritual of self pleasure can be used to manifest ones desires quicker. (this is discussed within learning not demonstrated.)
Automatic Writing : List of things to release via the element of fire. They can write the list and then burn at home. I’ve trained on both releasing and manifesting during new moon and full moon cycles.
Chakra Sound Healing Bath (Sound Baths)
Franceasca Seiden, founder of SAHA is a certified #AshtangaVinyasaYoga Teacher, Sound Healer, ##Writer, #Filmmaker and #Activist. Seiden has been featured Discover Hollywood Magazine on Sexuality and Spirituality, by Susan Hornik. Live Sound Healing a The #Metaphysical on with Brianna Oppenheimer and most recently interviewed by OCCULTURE podcast episode 69 by Ryan Peverly
Safyra Bakshani, aka The Urban Priestess : Hypnotherapist, Clairvoyant, Yogi, Tantric Breathwork, bad ass female. Bakshani conducts her practice from San Francisco and Los Angeles and her clients live all over the world. Her next workshop will be in Hawaii end of October.