Tantric Breathwork: Opening Space to awaken Energy and hence deepen the connection and bliss!!!

November 25, 2018 @ 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm
yoga Society of SF
2872 Folsom St
San Francisco, CA 94110

Way of Tantra/ Tao

Tantric Breathwork:  Opening  Space to awaken Energy and hence  deepen the connection and bliss!!!

On Saturday, Nov 25th, 4pm-7pm

Fee: $30, if registered by Nov. 22nd, after $40

In Order to register

Call/Email Briksha at 415.503.7802/brikshalal@yahoo.com


In this workshop

We will explore: Meaning of Tantra, distinction between Various Black, Red and white Tantra

Role of breathwork to awaken and Master the life force

Tantric Perspective of Meaning of living and saying “YES” to creation

Live a creative and evolutionary life align with Creative conscious  force (Shakti-the movement of Divine Mother)

Opening our Inner body (Nadis, chakras and breathing System) and awaken sleeping energy to move in higher centers. Opening body and breath this way and calming the restless energy and creating Coherence in body, heart and mind and energy field, we meditate and rest in our True Nature of Inner light and luminosity .

Along with full session of Conscious connected breath with Spinal breathing we will practice

  1. 3 centers Breathing and Spinal breathing
  2. Eyes gazing Breathing
  3. Warming the stove breathing
  4. Chakra Breathing
  5. Microcosmic Orbit Breathing /Meditation
  6. Resting on the light in the Heart and Open space meditation


To know more about Facilitator and Breathwork go to http://hamsaintegralbreathwork.com/



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