Breathwork training 2018 - 2019

Rebirthing Breathwork Advance Study
and Facilitator Training

Hamsa Integral Breathwork – Unifying the Separation in Life: Opening to Presence and Connection with your Self while listening and honoring the wisdom of the Body and the Breath.

Course Details:
Integral Rebirthing Breathwork Training is 9 months long program for Creating Opening, Presence, and Connection to Heal (Body), Energize (Life) and Awaken (Mind).

200 Hrs training:
∙ Level 1 (25 hrs.)
∙ Level 2 (50 hrs.)
∙ Level 3 (125 hrs.)
You can take Level 1 alone, or Level 1 and 2, or all Three Levels.

Dates and Times
Starting date: Saturday, December 8th, 2018, at 1 pm
Ending date: Saturday, January, 12th 2019, at 6 pm

About Hamsa Integral Breathwork
Hamsa Integral Breathwork is one of the powerful processes to nourish our whole life that uses the breath to heal, integrate and to awaken the multidimensional aspects of the human psyche. Based on ancient Eastern disciplines as well as modern Western methods, this integral holistic modality uses breathing techniques to create more Opening, Presence, Connection, Energy, and Space. Breath is a wonderful bridge to connect the entire inner and outer separation of human life into a unified whole. This simple Way of nurturing the whole of life is a powerful modality with the ability to explore, release, expand and unify.

In this course you will learn:

  • The APPLICATION and VALUE of correct and conscious Breathwork for wellness and awakening
  • The PHYSICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL and SPIRITUAL dimensions of Breathwork
  • How to IDENTIFY “breathing patterns” and how to CORRECT them
  • To RECOGNIZE and EMBRACE the HEALING potential and TRANSFORMATIVE power of Breathwork
  • The Breath as an EVOLUTIONARY IMPULSE and CREATIVE FORCE that invites opening and space for the integral living – body, mind, heart, and soul … the Self, the Other (society and community) and the Environment (world) Connection
  • To FACILITATE physical and emotional RELEASE
  • To CREATE a safe place and support for the NATURAL HEALING and INTEGRATION PROCESS to happen
  • How to GUIDE and EMPOWER others to live a HARMONIOUS and CREATIVE life, without trying to “fix” anything
  • How to UNDERSTAND the real meaning of adopting the role of GUIDE, HELPER and HEALER

Techniques such as Conscious Connected Breathwork, Integral Yoga and Life Practices, The Presence Process, Psycho-Synthesis, Deep Relaxation, Visualization and Integral Meditation are used synergistically during the process to achieve a deep and profound result.

Fee Structure:
Registration Fee: $25
Registration fee can be waived if you register before July 21, 2018, but it is non-refundable.
Level 1, Foundational Study: $350.00
Level 2 and Level 3: Advanced Study and Deepening the Practice: $500.00
Level 1 and 2: $700.00
Level 3: Facilitator Training: $1008.00
All 3 Levels: $1500.00 (without 10 One to One breathwork session, with Certification)
All 3 Levels with 10 breathwork sessions without Certification: $2,500 (or, $2,100 if entire course is reserved and paid in advance).
Level 1, 2 and 3, with 10 breathwork sessions and Certification process: $4,000 (or $3,500 if entire course is reserved and paid in advance).

Payment plans, trade-in agreements, and scholarships are available. No one will be turned away due to lack of funds.

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This intensive training combines classroom and online meetings with one weekend per month from 1 pm to 6 pm including 1.5 hours of weekly class, weekly email and phone follow-up and personal practice. Students are expected to conduct one hour of personal practice every day plus an additional five hours of study and assessment each month.

Level 1
30 hours course, starting Sunday, August, 5th, 1 pm, 2018
Foundational study with *Presence Process practice (for Opening, Presence, and Connection)
Three 5 hrs.-Sundays and Twelve 1.5 hrs. weekly classes
Along with Developing Breath awareness, Increasing Breathing capacity, Healing Breath Holding patterns *We will practice Presence Process – [A Journey into PRESENT MOMENT AWARENESS-as suggested in Michael Brown`s Book.]
Prerequisite: Enough interest and commitment, showing emotional maturity and functional mental health. Preferable if you have prior knowledge/practice of some breathwork but not required.

Dates: Sun. Aug. 5th, 2018, 1 pm to Sun. Oct. 21st, 2018 6 pm
Sun. Aug. 5th, 2018, 1 pm to 6 pm
Sun. Sept. 2nd, 2018, 12 pm to 5 pm
Sun. Oct. 21st, 2018, 12 pm to 5 pm
And in between 1.5hrs of Weekly classes (TBA)

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Curriculum (summary)

Lesson 1: Elements of Basic Practices: Understanding Breath and Breathing Process
∙ Nature of reality with the context of Breathing: Creation and Creativity as Breathing,
∙ What is Optimal (Essential, Free and Natural) Breathing.
∙ Its Value and Potential to Create Healing, Energy, and Space (Peace)
∙ Reasons to Practice Conscious Breathing and Intro to Present Moment Awareness

Lesson 2: Foundation of Breathing
∙ Key and Foundation to Optimal Breathing
∙ Characteristic of Free Breathing
∙ Breathing in a different dimension of being: the physical, mental and spiritual dimension of breath
∙ Inquiry: how I breathe, how other breathe, recognize breathing patterns, Breath Test
∙ Basic Breathing Methods: Natural Breath Awareness, Counting Breath, Mechanics of Breathing, Diaphragmatic or belly breathing, Full breathing or Yogic Breathing
3 Foundational Breathing: Lengthening Exhalation, Full Belly Breathing, Hip Rocking Breathing (Spinal Movements)

Lesson 3: Basic Anatomy of Breath: The Science of Breathing
Understanding primary muscle of breathing
Understanding secondary muscle of breathing
Gaining flexibility in breathing
Diaphragmic Breathing-Most Efficient way to Breath
Role of Breath the Brain in the breathing process

Lesson 4: Restricted Breathing Patterns
Common Breath Holding Patterns
What happens when the breath is restricted,
Holding breath and grasping nature of mind
Breathing blockage and emotions: How to dismantle

Lesson 5: Awakening Body and Breath-1
Role of Postures for Optimum Breathing
Waking Up Breathing, Expanding Breath capacity, deepening breath
Solidifying and Grounding Breath
Strengthening core and central parts
Hip-opening pose
Core building
Ribs and back flexibility
Spinal column and breathing
Breathing through right nose/left nose-benefit

Lesson 6: Opening to Healing and Creative Channel-1
Sensitizing and Awakening Prana
Power of Affirmation and Mantra
Working with affirmation and Mantra
Deep Relaxation
Relaxing the whole body with the breath
Inner Smile and running energy
Merging with the Breath

The Presence Process
*The Present moment awareness teaches us to embrace our birthright which is To Be who we are rather To Do in order to prove our existence. Accepting fully ourselves and our situations are the entry point for transformation. In this process, we develop a capacity to be fully aware, whatever is arising in body, emotions, and thoughts and from this place to integrate our negative patterns and make our choice-making capacity more and freer and Available. Present Moment Awareness makes us free from fixing tendency of the mind. We become freer from the regret of past or fantasy of future. It rather invites us to fully feel the experiences and be here and available. By Presence, we allow awakening our healing and creative principle of life that takes us to Evolution and full participation in life with appreciations and peace rather than forcing and controlling and escaping the experiences.

“…By completing this procedure, we are trained as self-facilitators of our ongoing journey into present moment awareness. We are reconnected with an aspect of our beingness that’s continually available to guide us. Hence we are freed from seeking this guidance from outer sources…

The Presence Process is a journey we deliberately choose to take into ourselves. It takes us through forgotten memories into an unfamiliar emotional territory. It equips us to integrate the suppressed fear, anger, and grief that seep into our daily experience. This emotional terrain may at first appear alien to us, but it’s this forgotten energetic landscape that reunites us with our inherent innocence, joy, and creativity…

Presence is our best friend and closest companion, our champion and guard of honor. It carries our flag and supplies. It sends us off enthusiastically, and it’s present to greet us as we access present moment awareness. Michael Brown – The Presence Process

To Know more about The Presence Process click here:

Note: We will meet once a week for 12 weeks either in person or through the internet and Once a month for 3 weekends (Sat. or Sun.) in person, I am looking forward to walking this adventurous journey with you!

briksha2In Deep Gratitude
Facilitator and Organizer

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Level 2 and 3: TBA
Certification is awarded after completing:
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
10 Sessions of Breathwork from a certified Breathwork facilitator
10 sessions facilitating Breathwork sessions for 3 clients, under the guidance of a certified teacher
Demonstrating emotional maturity, submit a report of client’s progress, writing and presenting a journal of personal progress
Assisting in classroom settings with a certified Breathwork facilitator