On the Topic of Sanskrit

I love the study of the Sanskrit language. Sanskrit is a great help for Self-realization, especially for reading all Yoga and Vedanta books in their original form, which is Sanskrit. But the knowledge of the Sanskrit language is not necessary or compulsory for Self-realization, because the Self is beyond all language. Self is silence, and language is the breaking of silence. There are countless liberated persons without the knowledge of Sanskrit.  And in the case of those liberated persons who know it, their Sanskrit is entirely different from that of modern university scholars.  Due to the power of meditation descended from the Self, a meditator begins to know the Sanskrit language naturally. Language is manifested from feelings and emotions, so for beginners it is not necessary to postpone their meditation for the sake of the Sanskrit language.  It is highly recommended to try to do both things together, but one must understand the aim of the study of Sanskrit as Self-realization. – […]

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