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Breathwork training: Creating more Energy and Space

September 16, 2023 @ 12:00 pm 6:00 pm PDT

$250 – $300 sliding scale

Payment plans and need-based scholarships may be arranged. (money need not be an obstacle to participate. Please talk to Briksha with any concerns)

To rsvp go to


Hamsa Integral Breathwork, Level 2 training:

Creating more energy and space for a healthy, happy, and creative life!

Starts:, September 16th

Ends: Sat. in October (TBD)

3 Saturdays 5-6hrs ( 9/16, 9/30, and 10/14 with one extra catch-up session at the end of October), plus every Thursday I hr. in between practice meeting

Eligibility – Who can apply:

  • Those who have completed Hamsa Integral Breathwork Training Level 1,
  • Have completed 21 days/28 days Breathing process, 30-50 hrs. of breathwork study
  • Have been attending Briksha’s classes/workshops for more than 6 months and/or have Experienced breathwork with other modalities
  • Have taken 5-10 private breathwork sessions with Briksha or with any practitioners
  • Have Done 100 hrs. Yoga Therapy or 200 hrs. Yoga Teacher Training

However, If you are excited about this training but don’t fit the above criteria, please email Briksha at brikshalal@yahoo.comand have a conversationFee: $ 250-$300to rsvp go to https://www.meetup.com/bayarea-conscious-breathing-and-eating/events/291212636/

Payment plans and need-based scholarships may be arranged.(money need not be an obstacle to participate. Please talk to Briksha with any concerns)


  1. Fundamental healthy breathing ( Revision from Level 1)
  2. Yoga of Energy: Tantric/Taoist Breathwork:~ Understanding Yoga of Energy( Shakti) -Path of breath, Breath as healing and creative energy, ~Marriage of Space and Energy, Shiva ( Male=Yang) and Shakti (Female=Yin)~Opening inner body (Subtle), chakra, Nadis ( Including Microcosmic Orbit), Koshas, meridian points andStrengthening Pelvic floor Pc muscles, and Perineum point.Level of consciousness, :Shiva-Shakti-jiva (the eternal, dynamic Universal, and creative Individual) model~Chakra map: Understanding Evolution, Breathing through chakras~Hamsa: Creating Integral Human

~ Raising vibration/Frequency: inner smile meditation

3, Conscious Connected (Rebirthing Breathwork way):Yes to life! Dissolving Breath restricted space.

~Intro to Rebirthing, Pillars to Rebirthing (Manual for Rebirthers ),

~The five elements of Breathwork (Vivation, ),

Integration- The Key to Happiness and Creative Power: Using Breathwork to Live a Fulfilled and creative life!

~ Breath-The stress buster (Rebirthing, freedom from your past-(Deike Begg),

~ Working with core beliefs/Affirmations

~ Refining Breathing, Deepening Presence

~ Brain Development and Psychological problems (Exhale. Page 203)

~The Patterns of Breathwork (C. Breathing, p. 48

~Breathwork is Energy-work, Energy medicine: Why we feel low energy, how to build up Energy.,

~Grounding and awareness, Protection, Purification, 3 poisons, identity with container

~ creating more space, Integrating relational space, Handling difficult emotions

~ Trauma Release Formal and Informal

4. Breathing together: shared breath(Optional)

With Happy Breaths


For Detail go tohttps://yogasocietysanfrancisco.com/breathwork/

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